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1 in 3 Will Be Diagnosed With This… Will It Be You?

1 in 3 Will Be Diagnosed With This… Will It Be You?

Quote of the Month
We don’t know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have”
The following topic is becoming more and more important so I thought it would be good to talk about it.
In the next 1 minute (60 seconds) over 15 people will die of this all around the world.
The World Health Organization has stated that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women alive today will face this diagnosis.

That means if you look to your right and to your left… one of those three people will get this in their lifetime.
It’s also the 2nd leading cause of death (following accidents) in children ages 5-14…
This is cancer… and it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month…
Risks of cancer in the UK are 23% higher for men and 43% higher for women than they were 30 years ago. The same trend is experienced all around the world.
The question is… what the heck is going on? What exactly is causing this terrible increase in cancer rates?
It’s scary. My father has prostate cancer which has spread to his spine. My father-in-law had colon cancer. A friend just passed away out in BC from cancer. My sister-in-law has lost family to cancer. My neighbour’s dog has cancer. Sometimes it feels like we can only cross our fingers and hope that ourselves, our 2 kids and 2 pets escape it.
But the good news is that there’s finally REAL hope. They’ve found that it’s not all about genetics after all…
The foremost experts on cancer now understand that how you treat your body from nutrition to overall health can have a DRAMATIC effect on whether you get cancer in the first place… and if you’ll come through it on the other side.
You need to know YOUR risk level as soon as you can so you can be ready for the future.
Here is a FREE short, 42 second intensive quiz that will reveal some remarkable results about your chances of getting cancer, and what you can do to avoid this terrible diagnosis.
This quiz has been designed by some of the best and brightest cancer researchers and scientists around the globe working right in the trenches to try and eradicate this dreaded disease once and for all.
You deserve a fighting chance… take the quiz and get your personalized results.
You owe it to yourself to see where you stand.
To your health, Christine and John
PS. Looking the other way and hoping that you won’t get cancer won’t decrease your chances, but knowing exactly what to do will. This short cancer quiz is quick, simple and effective.