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10 Things You May Not Know About Pollen

Quote of the Month
“Pollen Definition: When flowers can’t keep it in their plants”

Pollen season is in full bloom. Here are 10 things you might find interesting about pollen:

  1. High pollen levels can affect anxiety levels…especially if you have some mood disorders.
  2. Hay fever is not limited to people, even your pooch can get it.
  3. Plants pollenated by bees tend to have heavier pollen that doesn’t fly around. Wind pollenated plants tend to cause more trouble.
  4. Pollen season is not just from May to frost…it can start as early as January and finish at the end of November…yikes! Trees are typically in the spring, grasses will be spring to summer and weeds from spring to frost.
  5. Allergy season includes more than just pollen…you have to also consider mould, dust, harvest season, pesticides, pollution and weather patterns too.
  6. Spiders will feed pollen to their babies.
  7. Forensic palynology uses pollen and spores to solve criminal or civil cases.
  8. Stop drinking alcohol…it contains histamine…making your hay fever worse!
  9. Rain can make some people worse while others get relief. It also makes things like grass and weeds grow very well resulting in more pollen….kind of like this year!
  10. I think pollen has been around longer than humans…120 million years. I wonder who the first person with allergies was?

Did you know

  • Garlic can help reduce histamine levels
  • If you react to ragweed you also would have an issue with Chamomile
  • There really is no cure for allergies/sensitivities; however, we can and have helped a lot of people get quick relief without medication – often permanently or at least for several years