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12 Tips to Survive the Allergy Season

12 Tips to Survive the Allergy Season

Quote of the Month
“Allergy is the cumulative effect of many insults to the body which, over time, have overwhelmed the body’s protective mechanisms.  While dust may appear to be the cause of your runny nose, in reality it is only the TRIGGER that activates the symptoms in an already Compromised organism”  Carolee Bateson-Koch
Here are 12 tips for surviving and improving your pollen allergy season:
  1. Use probiotics – Why?  Because 70% of your immune system is in your gut!  Not all brands are created equal (yogurt doesn’t count).  We have an excellent source capable of withstanding antibiotics and your stomach acid!
  2. Take lots of Vitamin C – Why?  Because it can block histamine production AND besides guinea pigs and fruit bats, we’re the only mammals who CANNOT produce our OWN Vitamin C
  3. Take Quercitin and bromelain- Why?  They are natural anti-histamines
  4. Take Bee Pollen – Why? – It’s bee pollen collected from local bees and can help heal.
  5. Take Omegas – Why?  They’re anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory (hint, allergies are a sign of inflammation in the body)  We don’t recommend fish oils as they have too many omega 6’s which ARE inflammatory and are often never listed on the product labels of omega 3’s.  Try our Auum instead!
  6. Take Dandelion – Why?  You need to support your liver as it removes histamine
  7. Take Lemon water first thing in the am – Why?  To support your liver and alkalize of course!
  8. Eliminate ALL mucous forming and inflammatory foods i.e. white flour, sugar, breads, pasta, bananas, tofu, milk, ice cream, chocolate, candy, sodas, cheese, etc. – Why? – It sounds tough, but they all can create a lot of inflammation and acidity!
  9. Try having some colonics done – Why? Toxic bowels contribute to your overload.
  10. Try juicing – Why? To get some good nutrition that’s easily absorbable and to alkalize.
  11. Cleanse your body – Why? You know why by now, we keep saying this over and over again like a broken record!  By the way, the last several points we mentioned help for cleansing!!
  12. Come in to see us if you haven’t already – Why? To get relief by dealing with the cause rather than by masking and covering up the symptoms with other ‘things’…
Did You Know?

  • When you react during pollen season, you must also consider mold as a possible trigger?
  • To reduce the severity of your reactions, you must reduce the toxic load on your body – start by switching to safer body care products (check out ‘The Body Care’) or safer cleaning products
  • Sometimes indoor triggers are more of a problem when the outdoor allergens pick up (a process called priming).
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