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[Alert] This Food May Destroy You

[Alert] This Food May Destroy You

Quote of the Month
“And here we have a bunch of ‘food’ made from crops that cause insects’ stomachs to explode. It’s safe for you though.”
You may be wondering what this food is….I’m sure you see it and consume it daily. I’d also like to apologize ahead of time for possibly ruining your next meal!Wheat sensitivity
In fact, this food has been altered yet marketed to us as being healthy.
I’m not talking about dairy…although it destroys your health and contributes to allergies and sensitivities by the very fact that it also increases inflammation and acidity, but we’ll save that for another discussion.
This time, I’m talking about ‘whole wheat’. Did you know that whole wheat will spike your blood sugar in the same way as white flour or white sugar? This has even been verified in documented studies ( The reason this happens is due to a special carb contained within wheat called Amylopectin-A. This carb is only present in wheat. Now, if this spikes your blood sugar, over time the continuous insulin stimulation will result in insulin resistance and even potentially Type 2 diabetes. Don’t forget this spike also promotes storage/conversion of sugar into fat…hence weight gain…gotta love it!
Never mind the sugar spike, you also need to be cautious about the gluten in wheat. The problem is that wheat has been genetically modified to such an extent that our body no longer recognizes the gluten molecules. Did you know that original wheat had 14 chromosomes and our modern genetically modified variety has 42? Celiac aside, many people suffer from arthritic pain, brain fog or even eczema and never make the connection that our beloved ‘wheat’ may be the culprit.
Another reason to avoid wheat is due to other compounds (aka Lectins) in wheat which irritate the gut blocking nutrient absorption and tissue repair! Due to their inflammatory nature, allergies and sensitivities are also partially due to lectins. For instance did you know that lectins are involved in Celiac disease and can bind to and block thyroid function?
To sum things up, why are you still eating wheat? We really should be taking all those foods we love so much (ie. breads, pancakes, waffles, muffins and cereals out of our diet)… again… most of the gluten free varieties also cause their own issues, but as I said earlier, we’ll save that for another discussion.
Have a great day and I hope you’re not planning on having a sandwich for lunch!
Did You Know

  • Some breads in grocery stores are just white flour that’s been dyed brown
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup is an ingredient in whole wheat breads to make it taste better to those addicted to sugar
  • Whole Wheat doesn’t mean it’s ‘whole grain’
  • Higher blood sugar levels contribute to faster aging… yeh!