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Allergy Webinar 1

Allergies What are they Really?

Seems like such a loaded question, but in this short video I’m going to go over just that! First of all, lets’ get a few things out of the way… some people say: “ I don’t have allergies, I only have sensitivities”. Others might say “I have intolerances.” Well, guess what, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter what name you call them, the body is reacting to something it doesn’t like! In fact, the term ‘allergy’ in Greek means ‘altered reactivity’. In other words, it’s an adverse response to a substance.

Allergies are just a symptom. They are a sign that the body is overloaded and compromised. Allergies show up when they body can no longer properly manage all of its’ daily ‘tasks’ and duties. According to Dr. Carolee Bateson-Koch, an “Allergy is the cumulative effect of many insults to the body which, over time, have overwhelmed the body’s protective mechanisms.“ In other words, you may think the mold or dairy is the cause of your sinus troubles, but it’s really the final trigger that starts the cascade of symptoms when the body reaches its’ tipping point or toxic load. For example, think of your vacuum. What happens if you keep trying to use the vacuum when the vacuum bag is full! First you don’t get proper suction. Second, the bag can explode or spill over. That’s exactly what happens inside our body.

Here’s another completely different view point…

We have energy pathways in our body called “Meridians or Channels”. There are 12 basic channels (1 per organ). These pathways transport nerve impulses & “convey energy”. When there are blockages in flow, we get symptoms. As a side note, recent Western scientific research using modern electronic imaging devices or radioactive tracer isotopes have proven the existence of these meridians!

Here’s an example. Imagine our highways as meridians. When there is an accident, the traffic is forced to detour or stop a together. This makes people late for work or appointments and to top things off, it stresses them out! This leads me to my final point… we are stressed individuals with lots of blockages… in the long term this creates a vicious cycle!

In fact, Dr Albert H. Row, a medical doctor, found that a food allergy can be “responsible for any symptom in any system of the body”. Hope this clarifies things somewhat for you.

In our next video I will be talking about some of the different things which can trigger allergies and sensitivities in people. Stay tuned.

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