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Allergy Webinar 2

Welcome to ‘What triggers allergies?’ Some of these things may or may not surprise you!

One of the big triggers are EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies). These come from your cell phones, power lines, smart meters, routers, internet, computers, cordless phones, cell towers, airport scanners and any other wi-fi device. If you think about it, we’re exposed to this type of low level radiation 24/7. EMFs never extinguish, travel indefinitely through space, and disturb other electromagnetic charges in their vicinity. They trigger changes in blood chemistry, induce free radicals, disrupt the cells ability to control pH levels, enzyme activity, cell reproduction, synthesis, functioning and energy transfer. When exposed to EMFs our cell membranes go into a fight or flight response impairing the ability of nutrients to get into the cell and the ability of toxins to be removed from the cell. In other words, our cells go into lock down mode. EMF exposure is cumulative!

Oh and other exposures include dental or other x-rays… they’re even stronger, that’s why the nurse practitioners run from the room!

Another common trigger is over exposure. For example, if you love to eat bananas and you eat them every day, your body may decide it’s had enough of bananas! Think of a pail. Now think of adding water to the pail. Let the water represent the banana. When the pail is completely full with water, it will reject the rest and it will all spill over. That’s when you get allergy symptoms.

A compromised immune system is a 3rd trigger. Hidden or past infections from bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi or other pathogens will damage tissues creating biochemical changes in the body. For example, if you have had an infection in your digestive tract, it can become more permeable or leaky, therefore, allowing increased susceptibility to allergy.

A 4th trigger includes stress. Stress can be physical, chemical, environmental or emotional. Everyone’s level of ability to deal with stress is different. Stress that’s beyond your body’s ability to cope will lead to changes mentally and physically. We are exposed to ‘stress’ on such a continual basis in today’s society that we often no longer perceive it and it becomes our new ‘normal’ state of functioning. You may say you have no stress, but stress can be internal – stress from pathogens, food, chemicals, etc. Remember, stress can also cause blockages in those ‘meridians or channels’ that I mentioned in our earlier video about ‘what are allergies’.

Digestive problems can be considered a 5th trigger. Consider this – raw foods contain all the enzymes required to aid in the digestion of that food. When a food is cooked, processed, repackaged, it no longer contains those enzymes. As a result our body has to supply the enzymes to digest that food. In today’s society, by the time we are in our mid 30’s, we’ve depleted all of our enzymes. Digestive problems can also start just from not chewing our food properly or eating when in a hurry! I believe we’ve all eaten in a hurry many times. It causes our digestive system to work that much harder! Have you ever found undigested food in your stool? Have you ever even looked at your stool?

The 6th trigger is a fun one… inherited sensitivities. The way I look at it, families love to share. If a family member has an issue with an item, they may just make sure you have the same issue!

Last but not least is another huge category of triggers. This involves looking at your level of toxicity (the toxic load your body can handle). Your toxicity levels are determined by:

• what you put on your skin – what you use for personal care, laundry products, cosmetics, perfume

• medications, dental fillings

• pollution – from our environment (factories, cities, air fresheners, pesticides, herbicides, cleaning products, smoke)

• diet – what you put in your mouth, is it processed, packaged, fast food, restaurants, dairy, wheat, coffee, genetically modified (just to let you know, most of it is).

• Lifestyle – do you exercise, have shift work, are you a worrier or stressed, sit inside all day or do you get fresh air, go for walks?

Your liver must detoxify all of it and your bowels have to excrete all of it! All of these contribute to the load your body has to deal with. Feel free to book a free 1 hour consultation with us to find out what you can do about these triggers!

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