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Allergy Webinar 3

Many people are familiar with the common allergy symptoms such as hives or rash, itchiness, nasal congestion or stuffiness, itchy watery eyes or sneezing, but have you ever considered the fact that ‘not every symptom is an allergy, BUT any symptom can be an allergy? For example, we’ve had clients who get migraines from consuming wheat and others who get arthritic like symptoms and yet others who get ‘brain fog’.

Remember that ‘allergy’ in Greek means ‘altered reactivity’. In other words, it’s any adverse or undesirable response to a substance. I’m going to give you a list of different symptoms, as you hear them, I want you to consider if you ever have had those symptoms, and if so, how often. You just might be reacting to something you’ve recently eaten or otherwise been exposed to… Ready?

• Acne

• Abdominal cramps

• Low iron levels

• Arthritic symptoms

• Asthma symptoms

• Eczema

• Dark circles or shiners under your eyes

• Mood swings

• Diarrhea and Constipation (1 a day or less)

• Digestive disorders such as colitis, crohns or IBS

• Constant fatigue

• Food cravings

• Gas and Bloating

• Headaches and Migraines

• Hemorrhoids

• Poor, restless sleep

• Obesity

• Phobias

• Poor memory or concentration

• Psoriasis

• Rectal itching

• Sensitivity to sun or light

• Severe menstrual problems

• Tickle or scratch in your throat (and you don’t have a cold)

• Weight gain or loss

If any of these ring a bell for you or even for someone else you know, there may be something going on. You’re more than welcome to book a FREE 1 hour consultation with us to talk about it further.

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