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Allergy Webinar 5

This is my favourite video – and you’ll find out why in a minute. In our last video we talked about testing. That’s all fine and dandy, but what happens after you find out what you’re sensitive to? Are you supposed to live with it? What if you’re fed up and frustrated? What if you want to keep your pet? What if you want a pet? What if you want to go for a walk without suffering from the tree pollen or heaven forbid – ragweed in the fall! What if you really want to eat that brussel sprout! This is where we get to tell you how we may be of service to you. We have a special allergy relief technique. What we do is:

• Non-invasive (no needles)

• Painless

• Safe for children

• Immediate /accurate test results

• Safe and natural

If you recall a few videos back, we spoke about acupuncture and meridians. When there are blockages in these meridian channels symptoms appear. We help your body to remove those blockages. Let me try to explain it to you…

We have a computer device which is connected to a light pen. We use this light pen to transmit a low electronic frequency directly onto various acupuncture points on your body, without the use of needles, to stimulate and clear any blockages in energy also known as Qi. In essence, we’re helping your body to rebalance itself for the offending substance. During this procedure, you are NOT exposed to the substance. While the blockages are clearing, the body’s cells are communicating to each other and are reprogramming to recognize the frequency of the substance. When this non-invasive and painless procedure is complete, your body will no longer become stressed when exposed to the substance, therefore you will no longer have any symptoms. Pretty cool!

As an example, think about going to a high school reunion. You may see many familiar faces, but you don’t remember their names. You have to say hello, find out their name again and then everything falls back into place! Another example is your computer. Let’s say your computer has ‘hung’. You have to reboot it in order for it to function properly again. In an extreme example, you may have to remove a virus and reformat the hard drive before it works properly again! Does that make sense?

You also need to think a little outside the box on this one. Sure we can work with foods and environmental items, but we can also be helpful with items like:

• Pesticides

• Vitamins & Minerals

• Chemicals & Toxins

• Pets

• Antibiotics

• Heavy Metals

• Smoke & Perfumes

• Migraines/Headaches

• Mold and dust

• And more

This concludes our 5-part video series on allergies. You’re more than welcome to book a FREE 1 hour consultation with us. To do so just click on the orange button or call us directly. Thank you!

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