Allergy and Sensitivity Masterclass

Discover A 3 Step System That Helps People with Allergies & Sensitivities

Manage Their Symptoms...

Even If Shots, Anti-Histamines and Avoiding Triggers

Have Not Worked

In this Masterclass, I share:

✅ Triggers that many people aren’t aware of which may be the root cause of their symptoms

✅ Situations where the “gene factor” may play a role

✅ Alternatives to shots and medications

✅ Why “one size fits all” solutions doesn’t always work (and what to try instead)

✅ How to feel more confident and get back to living life again

This online workshop is FREE and it’s only for people who are open, ready to try a new approach, and most of all committed!

Space is limited so grab your spot.

Christine Lauer

Christine has been in practice as a Nutritionist and Acupuncturist since 2005. She is well known for helping people with allergies and sensitivities improve and reduce their symptoms.

Her health journey began when her daughter developed severe eczema during the first year of her life. When traditional options did not work, she had to find her own solution.