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Yes, it’s true! We handle anaphylactic reactions as well.

The only difference between the regular reactions and the anaphylactic reactions are that we can only work with the one item such as peanuts, five times. It takes at least five separate sessions with us because of the severity of their symptoms and after we’re done, we send you back to a traditional allergist to check you once again. This check has to take place at least eight months after our last session because it can take the body anywhere from eight months to two years for the body to heal itself to the point where the skin scratch test shows improvement.

Normally we guarantee our work with allergic reactions; however, we cannot with life-threatening reactions. But we still feel that we should help in any manner possible even if just to reduce the severity.

Now, if you’re wondering why we cannot guarantee our work with life-threatening substances, it’s because sometimes the retesting with an allergist can have false positives and false negatives. That’s due to the test itself and not the allergist. For example, some responses do not involve an IgE response, so in those instances, testing for an IgE response will not confirm anything. In reality, the only true test is a challenge test, and we do not perform those tests or recommend that someone attempt this on their own.

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