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Are You Permeable & Do You Want to Be?

Are You Permeable & Do You Want to Be?

Do you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Arthritis
  • Food allergies
  • Joint pain
  • Rashes
  • Chemical or environmental sensitivities
  • Irritable bowels or other digestive issues

What exactly do these symptoms have to do with permeability, and what is ‘p
ermeable’?  When it comes to permeability, we’re really talking about your gut; more specifically ‘leaky gut’!

Okay, so what’s leaky gut?  According to Dr. Weil:

“Leaky gut syndrome is not generally recognized by conventional physicians, but evidence is accumulating that it is a real condition that affects the lining of the intestines. The theory is that leaky gut syndrome (also called increased intestinal permeability), is the result of damage to the intestinal lining, making it less able to protect the internal environment as well as to filter needed nutrients and other biological substances. As a consequence, some bacteria and their toxins, incompletely digested proteins and fats, and waste not normally absorbed may “leak” out of the intestines into the blood stream. This triggers an autoimmune reaction, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems such as abdominal bloating, excessive gas and cramps, fatigue, food sensitivities, joint pain, skin rashes, and autoimmunity. The cause of this syndrome may be chronic inflammation, food sensitivity, damage from taking large amounts of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), cytotoxic drugs and radiation or certain antibiotics, excessive alcohol consumption, or compromised immunity.”

When it comes to allergies, the body starts to make antibodies to fight against any of the foreign things which have passed into the bloodstream.  These foreign things can be undigested proteins from milk, eggs, wheat, nuts, etc…get it?

Here are 6 steps to help you heal your leaky gut:

  1. Use probiotics – only high quality ones; NOT the one’s in yogurt (they’re destroyed with pasteurization and added sugars)
  2. Address the stressors to your body – bacteria (antibiotics kill the bad and the good ones!), parasites (we all have them, you’re stool sample is lying), fungii (those wonderful molds), food sensitivities (yes you have those too!),
  3. Eat lots of fermented foods such as sauerkraut, home made kefir, tempeh, etc
  4. Eat your greens!!!
  5. Support your body with some daily essentials: omega 3’s (not from fish), digestive enzymes, D3, antioxidants (for telemere support)
  6. Find out what you are sensitive to and avoid them, as these may be irritating your gut and contributing to the permeability problem…

Did You Know?

  • 95% of food allergies are delayed reactions – ie symptoms can appear up to 5 days later
  • A body in balance cannot exhibit allergy!
  • All disease can be traced back to vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • The food labels on packaged goods are allowed to be off by 20%!

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