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Avoid These During Allergy Season

Quote of the Month

“Allergies – That feeling when you roll over just to see what breathing out of the other nostril feels like”

Allergy season is finally starting to taper off…or is it?

If you are suffering from seasonal allergies right now, chances are it’s either ragweed, mould, dust or even something called geopathic stressors (weather patterns).

Although you can’t really avoid ‘environmental’ allergies unless you stay indoors, there are several different things you can do to reduce your symptoms.  For example there are many foods that are inflammatory. Because they’re inflammatory, they obviously increase inflammation and contribute to the ‘worsening’ of your allergy symptoms.  Here is a list of some of these inflammatory foods. These really need to be eliminated completely from your diet. It’s a long list and most of us consume these items daily!

Foods to Avoid During Allergy Season:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Caffeine
  3. Dairy – creates phlegm and blocks the sinus
  4. Chocolate – especially those regular chocolate bars
  5. Peanuts – GMO
  6. Sugar – turns off your immune system
  7. Artificial sweeteners – toxic
  8. Wheat and gluten
  9. Soy – GMO
  10. Sulfite preservatives
  11. Processed foods – no value what so ever
  12. Dried fruit – high glycemic and usually have sulfites
  13. Bottled juice – high glycemic and most have additives
  14. Shellfish – bottom feeders; therefore toxic
  15. For ragweed issues, the following may cause trouble due to similar compounds they contain:
    • Melons
    • Bananas
    • Cucumbers
    • Sunflower seeds
    • Echinacea
    • Chamomile

To make matters worse, you should also avoid foods that you are either allergic/sensitive to as well.  This is due to the fact the they are ‘inflammatory’ to YOUR body and can make YOUR allergic response worse.  You can either do an elimination diet (which can be a very tedious process) or have us do some needle FREE sensitivity testing for you.

The good news is that you can eat the following foods instead to help reduce inflammation and lighten the ‘toxic’ load on your body. The lower the burden, the better your body can function. Of course if you have a sensitivity to any of these foods, then avoid them instead.

Foods to Enjoy During Allergy Season:

  1. Raw local honey or bee pollen
  2. Bone broth – the latest and greatest protein source
  3. Probiotic-rich foods – yogurt isn’t one of them!
  4. Pineapple – good source of papain (a digestive enzyme)
  5. Apple cider vinegar – great for everything
  6. Fresh organic vegetables
  7. Grass-fed meats
  8. Free-range poultry – know your farmer
  9. Wild-caught fish

Did you know

  • Turmeric tea can help reduce inflammation associated with allergies
  • Essential fatty acids (omega 3’s) can also reduce inflammation
  • Artificial fragrances in perfumes, air fresheners, beauty and household products contain toxic chemicals that also impair your immune system