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Bee Stings

Bee Stings

It was a great day for camping and everything went accordingly. We had the truck all packed, we had the food all packed, we had the kids and, of course, we had the dog. So, off we went for a three hour hike! We arrived at the park and claimed our reserved camping spot without any problems. Man, it felt good taking a vacation out here in the wilderness. All we had to do was wait for my wife’s parents to join us at a neighboring campsite.

Later on that afternoon, my wife’s parents had arrived. Soon we were both unpacked and ready to set up some games. The first of such games was lawn darts, where you needed to toss these darts into a circle. Everything was going fine until my father-in-law had to reach around his camper where the wasp nest was (yes the nest was IN the camper)! One, then two, then three bites and my father-in-law shook his hand in pain.

We all came running over as we noticed the discomfort in his face. His armpits began to itch and his tongue became swollen. Discomfort was one thing, but this turned out to be a full blown anaphylactic reaction. Not having our equipment with us, I felt totally helpless and we had to call 9-1-1.

From that day onwards, I realized that you should be rebalanced from a reaction to any substance to at least reduce the severity just in case it happens again, this one happened to be a wasp sting.

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