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Weight Issues

Did you know that you have the ability to lose weight naturally and effectively?

What causes weight gain?

You have tried it all! From dieting to temporary exercise to listening to those numerous commercials that speak of nothing but what YOU should do to lose weight.

One thing that we have found is that your thyroid and adrenals need to be checked before you embark on any sort of weight loss program. Your thyroid and adrenals may cause your unwanted weight gain and it will keep on rising unless you get your thyroid and adrenals under control.

Ways I can help:

  1. Try my best detox
  2. Test and help rebalance the client for any sensitivities which may be contributing to the issue (eg. food)
  3. Recommend increasing daily water intake (alkaline water preferably)
  4. Improve dietary habits

Case Study

“No matter what he did, Jesse could never lose what he called his ‘fat baggage.’ Even after all the diets and competitive football and swimming in high school, his weight never dropped below 230 pounds. When he left for college, the ‘baggage’ became even heavier once the stress of being on his own mixed with the typical college life of partying and fast food. For Jesse, the ubiquitous ‘freshman 15’ turned into the ‘freshman 40’, and by sophomore year the former athlete was close to 300 pounds.

‘In a college setting people are very competitive and it’s in the back of your mind that you’re not in as good of shape as your peers’ says the 21-year-old. ‘It kept me from participating in things, which made it difficult to fit in.’

Dejected, Jesse gave up on trying to balance healthy habits at school and his college experience began to revolve around playing video games and drinking. It wasn’t until a breakup that he decided to be more productive with his time and energy.

‘I always knew how to eat healthy but I had never been introduced to cleansing,’ shares Jesse. ‘I think that was a key to getting rid of that extra fat baggage I’d been carrying around for years. It’s finally gone.'”