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Do you dread changes in weather? Do you hate the effects certain foods have on you?

What are migraines?

Migraine Symptoms include a severe headache that occurs usually on one side of the head but sometimes can be on both sides of the head but it is very rare. There is a vast difference between the ordinary headache and migraine. Other migraine symptoms include a sensitivity to light, vomiting, nausea and sensitivity towards any kind of sound.

Ways I can help:

  1. Test for and rebalance foods
  2. Test for and rebalance caffeine and alcohol
  3. Test for and rebalance tyramine
  4. Test for and rebalance stress
  5. Test for and rebalance glucose
  6. Test for and rebalance magnesium
  7. Recommend that the client go on my 30 day reset
  8. Recommend that the client drink alkaline water whenever he or she’s not eating
  9. Recommend that the client go on Auum oils

Case Study

“I met Jen at a business networking session and we seemed to immediately hit it off. One thing that she complained about to me was the fact that she got migraine headaches whenever the weather changed. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a migraine before but it’s not fun! I rebalanced her for barometric pressure. And after just one session with me her headaches had gone down by about 65%.”