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Sun Sensitivity

Do you cover up or avoid the sun?

What is sun sensitivity?

Sun sensitivity can affect people of all ages. While it’s more common in fair-skinned individuals, sun sensitivity can occur in medium and dark-skinned people as well. If you are very sensitive to the sun, you will find that you burn much more quickly than others and perhaps get rashes or skin bumps from sun exposure.

Ways I can help:

  1. Test for and rebalance your body for solar radiation (UVA, UVB, etc)
  2. Test for and rebalance your body for heat
  3. Test for and rebalance vitamin D
  4. Test for and rebalance your body for antibiotics and recommend a probiotic
  5. Recommend that the client drink alkaline water whenever he or she’s not eating
  6. Recommend that the client increase good fats as they may help tremendously here

Case Study

“Karen’s intolerance to the sun’s rays was growing worse every year. This was partially due to her having had her own business and having to tend to it day and night. Needless to say, she completely stayed out of the sunlight for years. Now, at the age of 62, she has retired and is enjoying her time relaxing and taking a walk. However, that sense of relief has been short-lived as the sun’s rays are causing havoc to her face. Her face balloons out when she has been in the sunlight for fifteen minutes or more. After rebalancing her for various items she was reacting to and after two sessions, she can now go out in the sun and enjoy what she’s been working for all these years.”