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Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs

Imagine the excitement your family undergoes when you all go out to pick that adorable kitten or puppy. The kittens or puppies are so cute that they bring a tear to your eye when you see how your son and daughter interact with them. The joy on their faces is priceless! You narrow it down to two kittens or puppies and as one of them stares right into your kid’s eyes, you’re done! That’s the one!

So, you pack up and are ready for the exciting drive home. You’ve got your kids playing with the kitten or puppy, who doesn’t know what’s going on. And when you get home, you’ve already got toys for him or her to chew on and you’ve got a crate and bed all made up. All is right with your family now!

At least that was earlier. Little Laura had just started to sneeze. And then she had started to complain about how itchy her eyes were getting. And you are alarmed to find the puffiness in her eyes. It’s not long before you put two and two together and you realize that it’s a cat or dog allergy that you never even knew she had. So, unbearable as the act is, you’re forced to bring that cat or dog back to the breeder.

Stories like the one I just told are not fictional. Being an animal lover myself, I hate stories that end that way. But it doesn’t have to! We are the only facility that can boast a 99% removal of cat or dog allergies, especially if you own one. So, the last thing that you should do is give up that cat or dog. Instead, give your pet a brushing – making sure to get some hair off of its back, tailbone and belly. All that I need is about the size of a one dollar coin or a tablespoon amount. That way, I can test and rebalance you for cat or dog.

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