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Coping With Daylight Saving Time

Quote of the Month

“We just sucked one hour of your life away. Tell me…How do you feel?”


It’s that time of year again…March Break and the dreaded change of the clocks!

I know why they scheduled it just before March Break – it will take the kids a week to adjust. It’s better to have them cranky and tired at home than at school.

Honestly, I wish they would stop with the entire time change thing.

I had a short post on Facebook today about some of the problems with changing the clocks along with some tips.

I have a few more silly ones here.

  1. missed appointments – obviously!
  2. longer prison sentences – cranky judge?
  3. fewer Koala collisions – they’re nocturnal
  4. higher energy bills – I guess more daylight more Air conditioning?!
  5. more internet browsing and spending – probably since we can’t really function with less sleep?
  6. crankier kids – so true!

This is what I find helpful.

  • Drink only water to stay hydrated.
  • Change your clock early in the day instead of when you go to bed.
  • Go outside, get some fresh air and exercise.
  • Go to bed earlier 15 minutes earlier each night leading up to the time change.

What some people don’t know, is that acupuncture can be a useful tool to help balance out your circadian rhythm.   

The organs in the body function in a 24 hour clock. Each of the 12 major organs in that clock have a peak 2 hour window.  For example, the Liver’s peak time is 1-3am, the Lung is 3-5am, Large Intestine 5-7am, etc… There’s an acupuncture point for each organ called the Horary’s and they can be used to help reset the organs to their new time. This can be especially helpful when you travel to different time zones.

As a basic example, if you are flying from Toronto to Munich at 7:00 pm Monday, it is 2:00 am Tuesday in Munich. 2am falls in the Liver’s peak time; therefore as your flight leaves, you would stimulate the Horary acupuncture point for Liver (LV1 – see list below). Two hours later you would stimulate the Lung point and continue every 2 hours until all 12 organs (12×2=24hrs) have been done.  It sounds like a lot of work, but really it’s not – every 2 hrs work on one point for 30 seconds! 

Here’s a list of the Horary points:

Current time at destination:  Point to stimulate:

1-3 am LV1
3-5 am LU 8
5-7 am LI 1
7-9 am ST 36
9-11 am SP 3
11-1 (noon) HT 8
1-3 pm SI 5
3-5 pm BL 66
5-7 pm KI 10
7-9 pm PC 8
9-11 pm SJ 6
11-1 (mid) GB 41

Hope you find these helpful tonight! Remember, you can use these in the Autumn, when it’s time to Fall Back and hour!

Let me know how it goes!