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Could These Top 10 Contribute to Your Allergies?

Could These Top 10 Contribute to Your Allergies?

Quote of the month:
“I will not eat this chemical s#@t. I will not put my fork in it. I will not eat it in the day. I will not eat it any way. I will not eat it in the night. I will not eat A SINGLE BITE!”        – The People’s Boycott Pledge
Do you eat any of the following:
Wheat, Corn, Soy, Canola, Other Fruits and Vegetables?
if so read on….
What exactly are GMOs?
Genetically Modified Organisms are created by taking genes from an organism (plant, animal,bacteria or virus) and inserting them into an unrelated organism.  In order for a cell to accept another organism’s cell, they must enlist the help of a bacteria or virus.  A cell will only accept another organism’s gene when it has a virus/bacteria; otherwise, it is rejected.  GMO’s would never occur in nature, and can cause huge environmental risks.
At least 70% of the grocery stores processed food contains Genetically Modified Organisms and food companies are not required to label that the foods are made with GMO’s. The only way to know you are not eating Genetically Engineered food is to eat 100% organic food. Any GMO’s are prohibited in organic food. Some of the top 10 foods that are most commonly Genetically Modified are corn, soy, wheat, oils, potato, tomato, squash, animal feed, sugar beets, golden rice and up and coming….salmon.
Here’s a very simplified example of how GMOs are made:
Roundup is a product used to destroy weeds and any other undesirable plants. It works by blocking a specific enzyme that is necessary for the plant to grow, thereby killing the plant. Using wheat as an example, if a wheat field is sprayed with Roundup, the wheat would die as well as the other undesirables.  In order to prevent this, they take the DNA of the Roundup and inject it into the DNA of the wheat using a bacteria/virus (such as the cauliflower mosaic virus).  So, now when the wheat is growing and Roundup is sprayed, the wheat is resistant to the Roundup and will no longer die.  It sounds great, except for the fact that now we are in essence ingesting a modified version of Roundup and some version of the virus.  This process is the same for corn, soy, canola, etc.  This is what’s known as Roundup Ready seed!  The problem also becomes bigger as the seed is cross contaminating other non-modified seeds!  It makes you wonder why people are having more issues with foods and why we are becoming more toxic!
How to tell what’s GMO
Most fruits and vegetables are labeled and you can generally tell which are GMO and which are not. If the fruits or veggies have a sticker on it check it to see if there is a 4 or 5 digit number.  If it is a 4 digit number it is conventionally grown; if there is a 5 digit number beginning with an 9 it’s organic, and if it is 5 digits beginning with an 8 it is GMO.  Remember however, they are NOT required to label GMO’s, so a 4 digit number may still be GMO!
Genetically modified organisms tend to provoke allergies and lots of other health issues!
Did You Know?
  • They’ve found a loophole which Monsanto and other biotech companies will be using in their favour in order to introduce GMO foods into Europe – Europe had previously banned GMO’s.
  • Alfalfa is the newest GMO target
  • They’re looking at introducing GM trees!
  • Natural and Organic are NOT the same thing, but GMO and GE are
  • Go to to learn more
  • Watch for the documentary ‘The World According to Monsanto’ or ‘Seeds of Deception’
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