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Don’t Drink This Water

Quote of the Month

“I never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it”

In my home, we used to drink tap water.

When I was married, 25 years ago, we started to drink distilled water – which we now know to be dead water. It may be okay for detoxing (short term), but it actually draws out all of the good things (minerals) too.

As a result, we switched to a Reverse Osmosis system. Cost us about $5K back then.  We thought we were doing a good thing!

As time went one we learned that it was also dead water – all of the bad stuff is taken out, but so are all the minerals…

But, we were smart(?), we added back the minerals in the form of liquid chlorophyll or mineral drops. Then a weird thing started to happen a few years ago. We would lose water pressure at the kitchen sink due to calcium deposits blocking the faucet. We thought it was the RO breaking down as it wasn’t happening in the rest of the house, so we removed it and purchased a portable water filter.

Problem was, you couldn’t clean the filter properly and mould would build up…yuck!

We ended up moving and renting a new place…back to square one with the heavily chlorinated tap water…after having chlorine free water for 20+ years, we couldn’t drink it.

I had my eye on another system for a few years, but never bought it. This time I bit the bullet andI bought it! I’m glad I did!

While we were waiting for our system to arrive, we bought another portable filter, which was actually pretty good, better than the other brand starting with a ‘B’. They even have shower filters, etc…

If you’re wondering why we never used bottled water…here are 5 really good reasons:

  1. A Germain study found 25,000 chemicals in a single bottle of bottled water and 93% of the bottled water samples were contaminated with tiny pieces of plastic – many from it’s own packaging
  2. 70% of plastic water bottles are NOT recycled.
  3. Bottled water is full of hormone-disrupting chemicals. Some of these include estrogens and cancer causing compounds.
  4. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) did some lab testing with bottled water. They found:
    • fertilizer – yum!
    • bacteria – yummier!!
    • Tylenol and other similar things
    • industrial chemicals, similar to tap water
    • cancer causing chlorine bi-products – thirsty yet?
  5. In the USA, Pepsi’s (Aquafina) and Coke’s (Dasani) are just purified municipal tap water.

If you’re wondering what water filters I do recommend, here are my top 3 recommendations in order of price and features:

  1. Kangen $$$ (still cheaper than RO)
  2. Berkley $$
  3. Santevia $

What water will you drink?