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You Don’t Know What You’re Capable Of

Quote of the Month
“If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would astound ourselves”

You must be wondering what I’m referring to in this one…

I had a Reiki session the other week and it was pointed out to me that it’s okay to pat myself on the back, be proud of what I’ve accomplished, what I’ve been able to overcome and most importantly…acknowledge the strength within me!

First of all, there are people who have gone through much more than I ever have or will, but every once in a while we are tested…to show what we’re capable of…we can do anything that we set our minds to!

Here’s what I’ve been capable of for the last 2 years!

  • January 2016 I started school again…quizzes, assignments, midterms, finals.
  • Four months later I found myself suddenly single again, but I still had more than a year of school to go.
  • June 2016 – Parents moved in to help out. They were 90!
  • April – Finished school
  • May – Prepped to sell the house…removed wallpaper, painted walls and cabinets
  • July – Dad was not doing well, needed help standing, dressing and moving
  • August – Moved parents to retirement home, dad confined to bed
  • September – Started part/time job
  • October – Sold home, house hunting, packing and de-cluttering (good therapy actually!)
  • October 30 – Father passed
  • November 30, 2017 – Moving day
  • January 2018 – Reality hits

Time to rebuild!

Honestly seeing everything written down like this, makes me think wow…good job…I’m still standing! I do deserve a pat on the back. I really applaud all those single parents who do this with young children (mine are 19 and 21 now).

I help a lot of people with their allergies and sensitivities. Over 80% in just one session.

There are the odd few that take a little longer…requiring some support along the way.  I will make dietary suggestions such as removing dairy, drink water, explain the effects of GMO’s, recommend herbs, etc… Some will make the changes and others can’t or won’t.  Perhaps it’s fear of change, it’s too hard, not knowing what to substitute or not having a strong enough ‘why’. For those people, I’d like to say I’m here to help and…”You’re capable of more than you think’. If you really want something, find a strong ‘why’…

What’s my ‘Why’?

……….My kids, pets and future……..that just about covers everything!

What’s Your Why?