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If there is one thing that I simply can’t stand, it’s environmental or seasonal allergies. Being an seasonal allergy sufferer for years, I can really sympathize with any other environmental allergy sufferer.

You wouldn’t believe my environmental allergies; I mean they were skyrocketing through the roof! From the itchy red eyes, the constant runny nose to the never-ending sneezing, my allergies were the worst! I only started to get better when my wife found this allergy relief technique. When she used the method on me, I could feel the allergies lifting off my body. I was sold!

If you suffer the allergy symptoms like I did, then please, please listen on! There are 10 things we can work with to help reduce your allergy symptoms. And when I say reduce your allergy symptoms, I mean reducing them by 50-100%. It’s only by 50% if there are environmental allergens floating around that we just don’t have in our kits. But most often, we have seen a clearance rate between 75-80%.

In terms of the ’10 things’, they are:

  1. trees – we have 75 different trees,
  2. grasses – we have 75 different grasses,
  3. weeds – we have 75 different weeds,
  4. 2 sets of indoor mold
  5. 2 sets of outdoor mold
  6. dust
  7. weather patterns
  8. sinuses.

So, if pollen allergies happen to be your downfall, give us call.