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Fall Back Please

Quote of the Month

“They always say, time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself”

Are you feeling a little off, since the time change?

I know we technically get an extra hour of  sleep, but it still throws off our circadian rhythm.

This is what I do whenever there’s a time change or whenever you travel (to avoid jet lag). It’s based on acupuncture….but you don’t need needles and you can do this yourself

For example, it’s 10pm as I write this. If you look at the chart below, you’ll see that SJ 6 is the acupuncture point for this time.  Rub this point 20-30 times. Wait 2 hours (it should be 12am) and rub the next point (GB 41). Continue in this way until you are back at 10pm. Ignore the points that are in your sleep schedule and continue when you wake (say 7am with ST 36).

1-3 am LV1
3-5 am LU 8
5-7 am LI 1
7-9 am ST 36
9-11 am SP 3
11-1 (noon) HT 8
1-3 pm SI 5
3-5 pm BL 66
5-7 pm KI 10
7-9 pm PC 8
9-11 pm SJ 6
11-1 (mid) GB 41