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Do you suffer whenever you eat shellfish? Are you so afraid that fish is contained in that dish you ordered that you even ask the waiter?

As a humans, we must really be overloaded and toxic, because I don’t ever remember this many people reacting to shellfish.

For example, we had this one woman who was extremely sensitive to shellfish. She would break out in a rash and she was even going to her home province of Nova Scotia where the fish is nothing but plentiful. In any case, she was visiting some of her family back home and after rebalancing her for the shellfish; she still didn’t dare try the shellfish for the first three days she was there. On the fourth day she decided to try a tiny, little bit of lobster and… no reaction. On the fifth day, she decided to have a little more and still… no reaction. By the eighth and ninth day, she had been fine eating lobster, mussels and crab. That was a total win for us!

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