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Food Myths Part 1

Quote of the Month

“Having food allergies doesn’t mean your body is broken. In fact, it means your body is highly intelligent.”

True or False: There are such things as “healthy” and “unhealthy foods”

Actually, this one is True and False
For example, trans fats are toxic for everyone. That also includes substances like margarine and canola oil (

From another point of view, some people may cut dairy out of their diet and their sinus problems disappear. Others take dairy out and don’t notice any change. Side note: I’m not suggesting that dairy is good for you, it still has it’s issues.

Some people find that grain free eating works; others find that they feel healthier as vegetarians.

People may find that removing wheat and gluten gets rid of their headaches, migraines or ‘brain fog’.

There are also those that have no symptoms of anything (no symptoms does not imply health).

The truth is, everyone reacts differently to different foods. In other words, everything works for some people.


Because we are all bio-chemically unique…

Here’s what can affect our health:

  1. Genetics
  2. Daily stress levels
  3. The amount and type of bacteria (good and bad) in our intestinal tract
  4. What we’ve been eating since our ’conception’
  5. The amount of genetically modified food in our diet
  6. Antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals and other ‘nasties’ in our systems

You get the point…

Basically, our body changes. Recall that our cells are all replaced with new ones approximately every 7 years!

For example, you may be fine with cauliflower today and then not fine when you try to eat it two weeks from now.

That is why the results will sometimes vary when people have sensitivity tests via Applied Kinesiology/Electro Dermal Screening. This is why it is important to at least be retested for sensitivities from time to time…test results from 5 years ago may be different from those today.

Have fun finding out what ‘works’ for you this weekend!

Christine and John

Did You Know

  • People can even be sensitive to vitamins, minerals and even water
  • We can even have an issue with our own hormones in the same way as we can for foods and pollens