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[Food] The True Cause of Ear Infections

[Food] The True Cause of Ear Infections

Quote of the Month
They gave me medicine in my mouth for my ear infection, but so far nothing in my actual ear. Where did these people go to school…Hogwarts?”
Do you, your children or any of your friend’s children get ear infections? If so, you might want to read this.
There are generally 5 Types of Ear infections:

  1. Swimmer’s ear – you swim, water gets trapped, bacteria grows and voila!
  2. Middle ear infection due to respiratory issues and allergies. They start when the sinus pathways become blocked with mucous and fluid.
  3. Viral – viral is the most common so antibiotics won’t work here.
  4. Bacterial – you can use antibiotics, but antibiotics can cause allergies in kids when they are used (because they destroy the immune system – which ironically, happens to reside primarily in your gut).
  5. Food sensitivities – you wouldn’t normally think of this, but it’s one of the MOST Common issues. Typically foods include dairy, gluten, nuts, citrus. You can get the scratch test done, but due to the nature of the test, it misses over 50% of food issues. This is because it’s testing against the IgE antibody (more environmental related) instead of IgG which is food related. IgG involves a blood test and may not be covered by your insurance. The other option is to do muscle testing by someone in your area who does what we do.
Better Choice Natural Solutions:

  1. Tea tree oil (for viral) and oregano oil (for bacterial).
    • Mix about 2 drops with a 1/2 tsp olive oil or coconut oil and gather the mixture up with a cotton ball. Place the cotton ball gently in the External opening of the ear – don’t put it in too far!
    • You can also get a small glass, put a small piece of paper towel in it then lightly mist it. Add a few drops of tea tree oil and then heat it up in the microwave (I know, microwaves are bad), for maybe 10 seconds or until it’s warm enough to create a little steam. Then just hold the cup up to the ear and let the steam do it’s magic.
  2. Garlic/garlic oil – anti-bacterial, anti viral and anti inflammatory…it’s a triple threat!
  3. Basil, Roman Chamomile, lavender and some forms of rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils are also good choices. You can even combine any of these oils. Just use less of each.
  4. Get off dairy and gluten…I might sound like a broken record, but if you don’t, it will most likely affect your health severely within the next 10-20 years.  What’s your health worth to you?!
Did You Know?

  • Some children who are treated with antibiotics develop autistic symptoms. You can watch a great show called The Autism Enigma Sept 20th 2pm on TV!
  • A Classical Osteopath or Chiropractor (using an activator in the neck area) can also be effective for ear infections.
  • The acidity of dairy creates inflammatin and mucus. This in turn will block your sinus pathways, triggering an ear infection.  Here’s a brief description.
  • Ragweed is in full bloom. Book a Free Consult with us now to find out how to get quick permanent relief without the drugs, etc…