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5 Things You Should Do Prior To Entering Our Clinic

  1. Drink enough water (plain) for the session and the day after. For every 20 lbs of weight you need one 8 oz cup in a day.
  2. Wear lose fitting pants as we will require you to pull them up to your knees.
  3. Have a list of questions you want to ask us.
  4. Be prepared for a 1.5 to 2 hour initial session with us.
  5. We have many substances, but if the item you are sensitive to is unique to you, please bring a sample of it for rebalancing. Examples would include your dog/cat fur, your shampoo, dust from your vacuum – in terms of sample sizes, two tablespoons is perfect!

A traditional allergist, one who performs the scratch test on you or your child, may determine what you are allergic to. This is done by scratching the surface of your skin with the offending allergen. If the scratch mark shows up red or inflamed  then you have an allergy to that substance. There are risks involved with this kind of testing, such as an allergic reaction or, worse yet, an anaphylactic reaction to the substance. Using a Computersophisticated computer system, we are able to test you for an infinite variety of items. The information (finger prints) of each item is digitally stored on this computer system. By attaching clips to both hands, the computer is able to send the information about each item to your body. It then records your body’s responses and we print the results. Based on the results we’ve obtained from earlier, we select from the computer the items to rebalance. After all items have been selected, we imprint a glass vial, filled with water and alcohol, with all of the items. With this vial, we are able to confirm your body’s sensitivity to the items via a simple muscle test. By putting the test vial, let’s say it contains pollens, up against your arm and then holding your ring finger and thumb together tightly we will test your allergic reaction to the substance contained in the test vial. In this test, the vial is held up against your forearm and we will try to separate your finger and thumb. If they do separate, then you have Light Penan issue with the substance, otherwise, you do not! It’s that  simple. Connected to the computer is a special laser pen. We use this laser to transmit the information (finger print) of each item to your body using various acupuncture points. Note that there is no penetration of the skin by our laser. It is a painless procedure and is even safe for children! Also note that your body is doing the rebalancing – we’re just  the facilitator, helping to get things started and your body does the rest. The entire process takes approximately 15 minutes.