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I could not believe it! I was at a networking meeting and I asked twenty people there “Who got migraines?” You know what the response was? Twelve out of the twenty people responded with a “Yes”. That was an eye opener to me! I mean, I expected two to three responses but twelve!

That illustrates just how unspoken a headache or migraine sufferer is. I remember when I last got my migraine. It was about 10 years ago and I got split vision down the middle that slightly distorts the images from both sides of the split vision.

There is no pain for at least an hour. Everything seems fine except for this split vision. But having three migraines in the past, with all of them having the same effect, I drove home immediately. By the time I got home my head was already beginning to throb. Then it came. It is like no headache I’ve ever had before. It’s so bad that the pain relief medication that I have taken does not do a thing. And I am so sensitive to the light that I have to close all the windows. All that I can do is suffer through the pain, which is a whole day affair.

I know that different people have different accounts of their migraine headaches. But do I ever empathize with you! There are two types of migraine headaches that we handle here. Ones that are food related and ones that are geopathic stressor related.

Geopathic stressors include barometric pressure, humidity, precipitation, hot and cold and, in total, thirty of these items related to shifts in the environment. We have rebalanced so many people of these geopathic stressors and they report no more migraines.

Case in point. We had this one lady who complained to me that she would get a migraine once every two weeks! And she would get them because of these geopathic stressors. So, I rebalanced her of the geopathic stressors and she has not received a single migraine ever since. That was three years ago.

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