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The ‘physiology’ of emotional response Although the concept of dealing with emotions and stress has long been associated with talk-it-out psychotherapy, counselling, and other therapeutic modalities, NET specifically works with the ‘physiology’ of emotional/stress responses. Extensive scientific research over the past several decades has verified that an emotional/stress expression is a complex reactive pattern of changes in response to a stimulus. This includes changes in neuronal chemistry and neurological, vascular, and muscular tone. The type and intensity of the reaction may occur in response to a specific person or event and may involve widespread physiological changes, such as increased heart rate.

NET does not treat ‘emotions’ The goal is to identify and correct physical aberrations (subluxation or meridian imbalance) and not the emotions. In fact, emotions do not need to be corrected. Darwin expounded on emotions in a non-psychological way, supporting the concept that emotions are normal and healthy phenomena found in humans and animals. In an unhealthy organism, however, emotions can cause psychosomatic and somatopsychic problems. In short, NET deals with those weakened physiological states that have ultimately made the body vulnerable to the formation of what NET has defined as a Neuro Emotional Complex (NEC).

Definition of a Neuro Emotional Complex (NEC) An NEC is defined as a subjective maladaptation syndrome adopted by the human organism in response to a real or perceived threat to any aspect of its survival. A primary goal of NET is to identify and resolve NECs either via the associated vertebral subluxation(s) or active pulse point(s).

The individual’s unique NEC includes:

  • Specific subluxation or sequence of subluxations
  • Specific emotion [Note: All NECs have an emotion incorporated in the complex, but not all emotional expressions are incorporated in NECs]
  • Conditioned response (a predisposition for stimulus generalization and a resistance to extinction)
  • Meridian imbalance and active pulse point, with a specific meridian access point
  • Facilitated (strong) or inhibited (weak) muscle response
  • Cathected and often recallable memory picture of a past significant emotional event Note: All remembered events related to an NEC are always considered to be ‘Emotional Reality’, as they may or may not correspond with actual or historical reality.]
  • Vulnerability to repetition compulsion, and re-stimulation /re-aggravation causing cyclical reinforcement

NET does not treat emotions, but rather it addresses the physical complex in which an emotion and a related subluxation are component parts.

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I’ve taken the information on this page directly from the NET official website.