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Tower Gardening

We all strive to be healthier by exercising more, working on our mental health and eating better. In terms of eating ‘better’, one of the solutions is to incorporate more vegetables and fruits; but how do we do that efficiently and sustainably? We can do this by Growing Our Own and Bridging The Gap!

1. Growing Our Own

 My Tower Garden Fall 2021

Believe it or not, we can grow our own fruits and vegetables all year round, indoor or outdoor, while educating our children to do the same. This can be done with something called a tower garden! They are phenomenal and help teach our children how to be sustainable in a fun way. They can learn and see with their own eyes how something grows…from seed to harvest! I have one myself (left) and many of my clients have seen it. Check out this short 1:15 minute video about the tower garden.

If you would like to order a Tower Garden, click here. If you have questions on what to order, just give me a shout and I’d be happy to guide you!


2. Bridging The Gap

Children's Gummies
Children’s Gummies

Did you know we need over 10 cups of broccoli in order to get the same amount of nutrition from 1 cup 15 years ago? Can you consume 10 cups of broccoli a day?  I know I can’t!  The other way to incorporate more vegetables and fruits into our diet is not with supplements, but with Whole Food supplementation! For example, it’s better to eat an Orange to get our Vitamin C, than take a Vitamin C supplement. That’s because there are many more synergistic nutrients within the orange that the body can use. This is where Juice Plus® (JP) comes in.  Watch this 2:38 minute video to see what I mean.

JP also has a program called Healthy Start for Families™. Place a recurring order for yourself and your child can get theirs for free (up until age 21 while in school)! They believe everyone should have access to proper nutrition!

If you would like to Bridge the Gap with JP fruits and vegetable capsules/gummies (for younger children), click here.


“Good nutrition will prevent 95% of all disease ~ Linus Pauling”


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