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Our Recent Health Challenge

Our Recent Health Challenge

Over the last couple of months I’ve was feeling pretty good.  Everything was going as planned.  The kids were doing well in school, the dog was being walked, our customers were being well served and our business was really growing.  Then out of nowhere I woke up one morning with what I thought was pink eye!  However, I began to feel extremely sluggish whenever I sat down to watch television – unless I was standing, I would fall asleep.  My eyes increased in sensitivity to the light as well and I noticed that whenever I needed to go out for a five minute drive to take the kids to their activities, I would struggle desperately at the wheel to stay awake. The worst part of it was trying to stay awake with my clients.  No matter what I tried, my eyes would begin to close.  It reminded me of my university days when class would start at 8am and you’ve had no sleep the night before.  What a nightmare!

After the first week went by I thought that it would pass. Nothing had lasted more than a week for me. The second week passed by without any noticeable change. After the third week had passed I began to really worry and told my wife that I needed to see someone. It became especially important because unless I was standing I couldn’t stay awake to watch my son’s hockey games!  So she booked an appointment with the doctor the following week.

It was at this point where I really worried about remaining like this for months and months.  From the worry of falling asleep at the wheel to my clients, I knew that I just could not go on. My wife had been researching into different symptoms even things like chronic fatigue and lyme disease.  She was feeling frustrated. She found that pink eye could come from viral causes – from the common cold to the chicken pox family.  A friend of hers got wind of what I was going through and told us that it sounded awfully similar to something her husband had years ago. He also experienced extreme fatigue, sleeping 18 hours on certain evenings (luckily that did not happen for me as the most I slept was 10 hours). Her husband was also sensitive to light.   And then she told us what he had – “Epstein Barr”.

My wife had briefly come across the Epstein Barr Virus during her research but just was not that sure. She looked further into it and found it to be related in some way to the chicken pox family.  I always had problems with chicken pox – had it several times growing up, followed by shingles last year.  It seemed to be a common thread!  Would our computer system that we use for  helping rebalance clients for allergy symptoms be able to help?  The system had the information we needed – it was worth a try!  In our work, this would be similar to how someone reacts to an allergen – what you don’t recognize, you cannot deal with properly!  For those that are unfamiliar with the process, we have a computer system to help people find relief for their allergy symptoms (pollens, mold, food, etc).  In our case, we selected Epstein Barr.  We have up to 150,000 items to choose from.  Once selected, there is a very mild laser light pen that we use to target acupuncture points thus rebalancing the offending item for the person. The entire process takes about 15 minutes to complete and is totally non-invasive.  On a side note, during the process I was never actually exposed to the virus/item!

Within 24 hours after my wife rebalanced me for the virus, 50% of what I use to feel like was now gone (my son in fact, made specific mention of the improvement)! By the following day, 90% of what I once felt was gone. And by the third day, I was 100% again.  Some may call it a miracle or some may call it luck.  We call it a little of both, but we’re greatful regardless.  How I contracted the virus I don’t know, but I do know that Stress played a huge part.  I’m sure if I wasn’t ingesting all those supplements and if I had a horrible diet, I would’ve been much worse off!  I do believe however, that everything happens for a reason.  I was supposed to catch the virus. My body was trying to tell me something about the level of stress I was placing upon myself.  And finally, I was destined to tell my story to people like yourselves.

Have a great March Break!

Oh, and by the way, I cancelled my doctor’s appointment.