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Our Summer Allergy Experience

Our Summer Allergy Experience

Hope everyone enjoyed the last few weeks of summer.  We spent our August, white water rafting, ziplining and camping.  Now it’s back to school and routine.

During late August, when we went camping, we had the unfortunate experience of dealing first hand, with a family member’s(Christine’s dad) life-threatening reaction to a black bee sting. Dad had been setting up his camper and was bitten
2-3 times by a black bee the size of a yellow jacket. As it turned out the nest was created around the electrical connection of his camper. He complained of some itching and continued working. He later came up to us saying his tongue was swelling and needed help. He had unbearable itchy rashes throughout his body. When we go anywhere, we always carry a first aid kit and gave him some of our herbal antihistamine, benadryl, performed some acupressure and called the ambulance. They took him to emergency. He had vomited several times (they told us the nausea is a common symptom), had the shakes and had extreme fluctuations in his blood pressure. He did stabilize and he came back to the campsite later that evening – now carrying a $100 epi-pen. The people at the park were very helpful in trying to eradicate the bees from their camper!  We managed to kill and collect some of the bees for identification.  Once we found out what type they were, we had worked with dad several times (using our computerized system) to rebalance his body for those bees, so that he would no longer react to them in the future.  When we see him again – around Thanksgiving, we’ll be working with him again.  Our goal is to make sure he will never react to this bee!  It’s times like this for which we are very grateful for the work we do, and for being able to make a difference!

Soy and Allergies

Recently we had come across an interesting article (by Debby Raabel) on Genetically Modified (GM) Soy and and it’s relationship to allergies. Did you know that since GM soy was introduced into the British diet, allergies to soy increased 50% in just 1 year?  Also in the five years after the introduction, peanut allergies in the USA doubled!  Apparently, “a protein in natural soybeans cross reacts with peanut allergies.  So soy may trigger reactions in some who are allergic to peanuts.”  Overall, it may be wise to consume soy occasionally versus exclusively.  Also, make sure it’s organic and in a fermented form, such as miso, tempeh, tamari or tofu (bean curd).

Expansive VS Contractive Diets (contributed by Lorene Sauro)

Can the type of food we consume be linked to our personality type?  It is said that left brained people are more logical, analytical and objective (contractive).  A right brained person is more intuitive, thoughtful and subjective (expansive).  An expansive person is naturally attracted to contractive foods and vice versa for a contractive person.  Expansive foods and
habits can be fruits, vegetables, sprouted grain and legumes or even poorer choices such as drugs, alcohol, smoking or eating very little.  Examples of contractive foods include organic meats, cooked grains, root vegetables, nuts, seeds and natural fats.  Other contractive foods, include refined foods, poor quality foods or fast foods and they will only ground a person temporarily.  More information about these personalities in October’s newsletter.

Quote of the Month:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and NOT merely the ABSENCE of disease or infirmity.”
– World Health Organization

Upcoming Events:

Oakville Home Show – Friday September 9th-11th – we have some Free Passes!
Wholistic Family Fair – Novotel hotel near Square One September 25th and October 30th Oakville Conference Centre 10am
Tren D Spa Burlington – September 22nd 6:30 until 9:30 pm
Royal Botanical Gardens Show – October 2nd 10-4pm
Whole Foods – October 18th 7pm Allergy Talk

Field Study:

We still have a few more openings for our Auum Product field study. Please reply to this email if you are interested in receiving a free bottle of Auum Oil and to get more information on what this study is all about.

Have a great September!
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