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Our Top 8 Essentials

Our Top 8 Essentials

Quote of the Month
“Beer doesn’t have many vitamins, that’s why you need to drink lots of it!”
There are people who take supplements regularly, those that have them in their cupboard and those who don’t take any.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to supplement, but unfortunately there’s been a huge decline in nutrients in our food supply.  For example:

  • Commercial fertilizers only use 3 minerals – and those are often synthetic
  • We don’t eat well 100% of the time.  In fact some of us can’t remember the last time we ate a vegetable.  
  • Our digestive systems just plain suck!  This comes from stress, poor quality or genetically modified food. 
There are a few key ones that we take and believe should be taken daily:

  1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids- These are anti-inflammatory, help with mood, memory and brain function, ADD/ADHD, depression to name a few. The body cannot make it and must get it from food. These can come from sources such as chia, hemp, flax, fish, krill or seal. Fatty-acids make up the membrane of each and every cell in your body, but you need a good one. If you install cheap parts in your car it won’t function very well; likewise, neither will you.
  2. Vit D and K – supports the immune system and comes the best from the sun. It gets complicated to explain, but essentially, where we live we only absorb enough during the month of July.
  3. Probiotics – more and more doctors and scientists realize that 80% of our immune systemm is in our gut. These good bacteria help to keep our gut healthy. They help to restore your intestinal tract after anti-biotics and improve bowel function. There’s also proof now that what happens in our gut affects our brain health as well!
  4. Curcumin – Very powerful anti-inflammatory. Prolonged inflammation triggers disease! If you have any pain, swelling, illness or an ‘itis’, you DO have inflammation!
  5. Enzymes – These little guys help us digest our food. With our constant comsumption of cooked or processed food our bodies become depleted of their own enzymes and we need to get them from external sources…at each meal!
  6. Greens – Whole food supplementation is the way to go. This can be in powder form or capsule form. Contrary to what people think, we no longer get enough from our food. 1 cup of broccoli does not equal 1 cup of broccoli anymore. In fact you usually need at least 10 cups to get 1 cup worth of nutrition.
  7. Stress Support – If you think you’re not stressed, you’re dilusional. In this day and age we’re all bombarded with mental, physical, emotional and psychological stressors. This type of supplement should include Vitamins B, C, adaptogenic stress herbs and adrenal tissue. By the way, when we are stressed, we don’t digest!
  8. Trace Minerals – Minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, chromium, phosphorus, selenium (and the list goes on) helps our body to maintain a proper pH (alkalinity). A proper pH effectively helps to reduce/prevent illness as any disease/illness is in part due to an improper pH.
Did You Know?

  • Cancer thrives in a non-alkaline environment
  • Enzymes taken between meals help to clean your ‘internal house’
  • You need vitamin K2 with vitamin D in order to improve absorption and prevent toxicity
  • The best and most easily absorbed omega-3 comes from a mammalian source, not fish.
If there’s a topic you’d like to see, just let us know!