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Everyone has parasites. As a little kid, you know how you would play in the dirt, eat sand from the sandbox or walk around barefoot? Or perhaps now you have a pet, eat sushi or unwashed fruit or vegetables? That’s right, parasites are everywhere and parasites are in everyone. It doesn’t really present a problem, unless they do.

For example, we had this one guy who was VP of a company and who came into the office with swelling around his mouth and when I asked him whether he had eaten anything different, he replied with a “No!” But he also had other symptoms, which immediately clued me into a potential parasite problem. I tested him on parasites and worms and, sure enough, he had a sensitivity to them.

So, I began my sessions by eliminating the parasites and worms and four sessions later, everything calmed back down.

Oh and by the way some other symptoms of a parasite issue may include unexplained constipation or diarrhea, international travel, grinding teeth when you sleep, multiple wakings at night, aching muscles/joints, never full after meals, iron deficiency, unexplained rashes/hives.

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