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Seasonal/Environmental Allergies

Isn’t it about time you stop dreading allergy season?


Do you sneeze every time you go outside in the summer?Dandelion

Do you have red, itchy eyes and a runny nose from spring to frost?

Do you hate the fact that you can’t enjoy the summer season?


Blowing NoseMillions of people, each year, suffer from sneezing, coughing, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes as soon as the trees, grasses or weeds begin to pollenate. During pollination, they release their pollen into the air in an attempt to fertilize and continue their species. We inhale these substances triggering an allergic reaction.

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And in the mean time support your body with the following:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. Quercetin
  3. Nettle
  4. Probiotics
  5. Local Honey
  6. Hydra-sense or a Neti Pot with sea salt
  7. Natural anti-inflammatories such as turmeric, omega 3s, ginger and green tea
  8. Intermittent fasting
  9. Don’t forget about healing your gut with dietary changes

(I can help you the last 2 items)


“Well, you potentially could plant a lower allergy garden, but while you’re out there planting it, you will bombarded by oak pollen, maples, grasses.” – Keith Phillips

“In Africa, for example, the immune system is too busy chasing after worms to bother going after house dust mites.” – Padraic Fallon