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Cellercise Rebounder

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Don’t exercise, Cellercise! Cellercise flexes ALL 75 TRILLION CELLS at the same time! Even better, it requires only 10 minutes a day!

Cellercise is Dave Hall’s unique name for exercise that applies weight and movement to every cell causing the entire body, it’s parts and functions to become stronger, more flexible and healthier. Cellercise works because all body parts and functions are made up of cells.

Cellercise is a weight bearing exercise without the jarring and damage of most impact aerobic activities. Cellercise uses vertical movement like weight lifting, push-ups, pulls-ups or sit-ups in a repetitive up and down motion. However, these conventional forms of exercise target and isolate specific muscles or muscle groups. It’s very time consuming and often tears down the body to build it up.

Personal Testimonial:

I (Christine) have been using the Cellerciser for one month about 10-15 minutes per day and have noticed an increase in my muscle tone – particularly my abs, shoulders/upper body and calves.  I’ve also had scar tissue in my left calf for 5 months due to a prior injury – it’s now completely gone due to the stimulation of my lymphatic system.  Amazing!