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Garden Essence

Garden Essence

Garden Essence delivers the full spectrum of plant enzymes in a blend of five digestion-enhancing herbs. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of eating fresh raw fruits and vegetables in the convenience of a capsule. The herbal food blend acts as a digestive aid and enzyme stabilizer to further enhance and prolong the enzyme activity.

Benefits of Garden Essence:

– An inexpensive way to make up for not always eating enough fresh raw fruits and vegetables.

– Delivers the enzyme essence of a bountiful garden harvest in a capsule.

– Long lasting enzyme action due to stabilizers that protect the enzymes from being neutralized by Hydrochloric acid (HCI) and pH levels.

– Contains a digestion-enhancing herbal blend.

– Is a scientifically pH balanced formula that gives superior results.

– Better absorption of other supplements when taken with Garden Essence.

– Natural source of enzymes.