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Photonic Water Device

Photonic Water Device

Video courtesy of Vibrancy Water

Natural Action Water structuring units generate water that is instantly hydrating, alkaline, rich with bio-photon energy, oxygen and hydrogen, and free of the memory/energy imprint of toxins.  The units use geometric and vortex technologies to restructure the water molecules and restore water’s natural and healthy/healing energy pattern. The units use no filters, electricity, magnets, chemicals or salt, and are maintenance free. This technology is endorsed by renowned scientists Drs. Albert-Fritz Popp, regarded as one of the founders of biophotonics, and a pioneer in the field of quantum biophysics, and Konstantin Korotkov globally recognized researcher on the human energy field.

When water is in its most healthful state, life is enhanced and optimized; rejuvenating and supercharging humans, animals, plants, food, baking, beverages, dishwashing, laundry, pool, …whatever the water’s use.

It’s a truly maintenance-free water structuring system providing great tasting water, maximum absorption through the cell membranes in the body and the greatest health benefits of naturally balanced water.