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Radiation Protection

Electromagnetic Radiation

What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation refers to powerful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) coming from your household electricity, appliances, cell phone, computer, WiFi and cell towers.  EMFs interfere with your body’s own electromagnetic field, interrupting normal cell, brain, nervous system, and DNA functioning.

Children and EMFs

Children and EMFs (electro magnetic radiation) is a topic that is quickly emerging among concerned parents.  More and more, children are exhibiting symptoms due to exposure to EMFs. Not only are children exposed at home to electricity and appliances; but now they are also exposed to various wireless devices such as cell phones, wireless routers, laptops and computer games.  At school, they are bombarded with radiation from Wi-Fi all over the school and often a cell tower that is actually on the school grounds.

We are all living in a sea of electrosmog and many electrosensitive people are suffering from this, but children, with their thinner skulls and developing nervous systems are all the more vulnerable to the hazardous effects of EMFs.  In fact, there are many possible symptoms of EMF sensitivity: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, Headaches, Insomnia, Anxiety, Irritability, Nausea, Chronic pain or Fatigue.

How Can We Help

There are great products designed to protect the human nervous system from the hazards of manmade EMFs, which include those emanating from our AC electrical grid as well as microwave radiation, emitted from cell phone towers, WiFi, broadcasting stations, etc. They do this by enhancing a person’s connection to the earth’s electromagnetic field. This connection is in essence a ground, which by definition allows for the dissipation of biologically meaningless and stress producing currents.

Many people will actually feel this deeper connection to the earth as a sense of calmness and peace. The reduction of electrically induced stress allows the nervous system to more effectively heal and restore the body to optimal functioning.

Independent testing by Dr. Walter Hannes Medinger, head scientist at the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC) VERIFIED this product line! IIREC is a globally renowned authority on EMF research and testing of EMF protection devices. IIREC is a government funded research institute in Austria and backed by globally recognized scientists of electrophysics, biophysics, environmental medicine and wave genetics. Concerned about the health effects of EMFs, these scientists united to establish EMF protection protocols and methods for testing the effectiveness of protection devices. Its website states, “IIREC offers manufacturers of EMF protection products a reliable quality test and interested parties and consumer protection organizations the ability to distinguish the effective products from the ineffective ones. The IIREC is renowned for it’s leading knowledge, advice, education, suitable measurement methods, research and effective protection concepts.”   The testing showed the use of EarthCalm devices “resulted in a gain in power of the autonomous nervous system”, “persons being exhausted from stress exposition would go back to normal condition and a tendency to counter -balance imbalances in body regulation (activation or relaxation)”. The observed biological effects “may be an improvement of bio-compatibility of EMF, or a vitalizing effect to the body, or an “immunizing“ effect against EMF impact”.

Earthcalm offers a full  90-Day Money-Back Guarantee on all products.

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