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Reduce The Risk

Quote of the Month
“Cancer is a WORD, not a SENTENCE”

On Monday October 30, 2017 I lost my father due to cancer.
He was 90.
He had a wonderful life
He passed peacefully

1 out of 2 people are now getting cancer
It’s now not a matter of if, but when
Medically there is no cure


There are many things we can control to reduce our risk.
In other words, we need to focus on prevention.
This applies to every illness – not just cancer.

Here are the things we can control:

  • What we ingest – use non-gmo (ie no wheat, corn, soy), eat lots of veggies; some fruit, avoid dairy; eat nuts, seeds, eat grass fed meat, avoid packaged food
  • What we use – on our skin/cleaning, etc.  – many chemicals out there contribute to or cause cancer, disrupt hormones, cause infertility
  • How we handle stress – that’s a big one because  “It’s not Stress that kills us, but our reaction to it”
  • Our thoughts – another big one…for example, are you thinking about something positive or negative right now?

These are just guidelines
Follow them or not; the choice is yours
You and you alone get to determine your health and future.
No more newsletters until the new year – we’re moving at the end of this month! Details are below and all information is updated on our website.
Ask me how I’m dealing with stress right now!!!! LOL

Have a Merry Christmas.

Did you know

  • Vitamin C IV therapy is very useful for cancer, in fact they’re in the process of approving in the USA
  • Apricot kernels are helpful too
  • Vitamin B, Magnesium are good for stress as are omega 3’s and deglycerolized liquorice root and lavender essential oil

Important Events

  • We’re moving! Effective Dec 1, 2017 we will be at:
    • 189 Hammersmith Court, Burlington Ontario 905-825-3528 everyday EXCEPT Wednesdays.
    • Wednesdays Location: The Healing Space Unit 203 220 Wyecroft Road, Oakville 905-338-2294.