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Stage Three of Dis-ease

Stage Three of Dis-ease

Quote of the month:  “If we ignore our health, it will go away”

Last month we spoke about the second stage of dis-ease – toxemia.  This month, we’re going to talk about stage 3 – Irritation.  In this stage, the body increases it’s internal activities in order to process/unload the toxin buildup.  With irritation, you may not feel enough discomfort to visit a doctor, but you may attempt to block out the discomfort or even end up in the local pharmacy looking for some kind of immediate relief – with allergies, it may be some kind of anti-histamine.  For someone experiencing discomfort in the form of pain you may find yourself taking something to temporarily alleviate the pain.

Here are some examples of irritation:

1.  Urination/Defecation – when we have the urge to go and ignore it until you have no choice but to give in to the urge. By the way, the colon and the bladder are the main elimination organs of the body.
2.  Itchy skin – the skin is another major elimination organ. When toxins are forced out, the areas may become itchy and irritated.
3.  Feeling nauseated, particularly in the morning.
4.  Jumpy, uneasy, short-tempered or flying off the handle for no reason (sounds like our teenage son).
5.  Feeling or behaving in a way which is not your ‘normal’ self – may include anxiety, worry, nervousness, panic, depression.
6.  Trouble sleeping.
7.  Weight gain – toxins are stored in your body often in fat cells.
8.  Frequent headaches.
9.  Minor aches and pains – pain can come from the body tissues when there is an inadequate supply of oxygen or nutrients (from poor food choices) to the cells or even from excess water retention creating pressure in and around the cells. In other words, the body’s cells are ‘irritated’.
10.  Dark circles under the eyes.
11.  Menstrual problems – these are normal occurances, but it’s not natural to have them.
12.  Bad breath, body odour.
13.  Allergies – over the counter products only cover the symptoms.

To summarize, these are all warning signals from your body, the key is to pay attention to what your body is telling you.  Applying band aids and other quick fixes will not solve the problem, but instead add to the toxic load on the body.

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