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Stage Two of Dis-Ease

Stage Two of Dis-Ease

Last month we spoke about Enervation, the first stage of dis-ease.  This month, we’re going to talk about stage 2.  Stage 2 is called Toxemia.  

According to the dictionary, Toxemia refers to “an abnormal condition associated with the presence of toxic substances in the blood/tissues”.

The body has trillions of cells.  Every day over ten billions cells will die and be replaced by new ones.  The dead cells are broken down and are either eliminated or recycled in the body.  For example, our body can recycle protein and iron but not something like old DNA which our body considers as toxic.  Unfortunately these toxins (and many others), accumulate.  When the intake of toxins exceed the body’s ability to address them, toxemia occurs.  Some people may also call it toxicosis or intoxification.

Toxins can come from any of the following sources–

  1. Our metabolism – internally generated waste such as dead bacteria, or carbon dioxide (if our lungs were to fail, the accumulated carbon dioxideand lack of oxygen would kill us within a few minutes)
  2. Chemicals we inhale from all the pollution we create
  3. Chemicals we absorb from the personal care products we use daily
  4. Exercise – yes, exercise although great for us also creates toxic waste (refer back to our breathing as an example)
  5. Stress and other traumatic situations – for the strain they place on our organs
  6. Lack of proper sleep – our body rests, repairs and detoxifies when we sleep
  7. Pesticides or herbicides we ingest from our food
  8. Chemicals in our medications
  9. Electro magnetic radiation coming from our cell phones, cell towers, wifi (it prevents our cells from functioning properly)
  10. Poor food choices – the body only uses real food (those without bar codes) and eliminates or stores the rest as toxins
  11. Allergies – items the body reacts to are often perceived as a toxin/threat.  Allergies are a symptom of toxicity.
  12. I’m sure there are more…even water is an issue!

Any of the above can drain us of our vital energy very quickly (like draining the battery of your cell phone).  
The body however is very smart.  It always tries to maintain homeostasis and cleanliness.  When the body recognizes the buildup of toxic materials, it attempts to rectify the situation by restoring balance (homeostasis).  It does this by cleansing and flushing out the toxins.  People may often feel discomfort or an even greater drain on their energy levels – in other words, you may feel even more sluggish.  Some people may begin to get sick more often with frequent acute conditions such as seasonal allergies, colds or the flu.  For example a fever is a common way the body attempts to deal with toxins – the fever (heat) causes toxins to liquify and transport out of the body via the elimination organs!  For someone with allergies, the body often tries to eliminate via the respiratory tract or skin. The problems just begin when the body cannot remove/eject the toxic material from the tissues and blood faster then it’s coming in!

When toxins cannot be removed, the body resorts to storing the un-eliminated ‘garbage’.  This begins to interfere with the body’s ability to assimilate nutrients properly and prevents oxygen from reaching the cells properly…This is when the body degrades even further into more so called ‘chronic’ forms of dis-ease.  Some chronic situations may include asthma.

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