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Supportive Services

My primary focus is helping people with their allergies and sensitivities, but there are a few other areas I can help you with.


Most people who are familiar with Acupuncture (or even if you’re not), find that it works very well for any acute pain. The sooner you come to see me after an injury, the faster your body will recover. Usually in 1-4 visits.

Stress and Fatigue

Some say that stress is the root of all dis-ease. I believe that’s true. Acupuncture helps to support and engage the parasympathetic nervous system. This is our ‘rest, repair and digest’ system. This is extremely important because most of us are using our sympathetic nervous system 24/7. The sympathetic system is also known as our ‘fight or flight’ system. When it’s over-worked, it eventually weakens – leading to adrenal fatigue.  Book your appointment with me if you want to calm down!

Weight Loss

If you’re frustrated with your weight and you’re willing to make a lifestyle change then this is something you should consider. I don’t do ‘diets’- they don’t work.


“If diets worked, there would only be one”