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The Best Detox

Dear Body,
I’m sorry I’ve treated you this way
feeding you the wrong foods and not taking care of you
I promise to do better and get you back to the best shape and fitness level you can be
We can do it.
Sincerely, me
The holidays are over and I’m ready for a reset.
Every year after the holidays I do a detox/cleanse.
Often when people hear the words detox or cleanse, they think they don’t get to eat OR even worse, that they’ll be spending most of their time in the bathroom!
That’s not what I do!!
First I take out all of the most common inflammatory and problematic foods like wheat, dairy, sugar, corn, soy, caffeine, mushrooms, yeast and potatoes.
Then I add in the good stuff – almonds, lots of veggies, fish, chicken, lentils, turkey and soft yolk eggs.
For support I also add in some good herbs – for the blood, liver, gut, parasites, candida and colon.
I also always include lymphatic drainage, probiotics, digestive enzymes and plenty of filtered (no bottled or tap) water.
I do this for 30 days!
It does sound like a lot, but I believe in supporting the entire body, not just one area. If you’re going to do a detox, do it the right way.
The other thing that’s quite unique is that I customize what I use for myself and my clients – just because milk thistle is good for the liver, it doesn’t mean my body wants it. It may actually prefer dandelion.
I also know that it’s always nice to have someone else to team up with for support.
Perhaps you’d like to join me?
If you’re unsure about it…I offer free support, coaching and meal ideas.  The herbs work out to an average of $300 (depending on which herbs your body prefers). You also have a choice of a simpler, less intense version of the detox – with fewer dietary restrictions.
Are you in?