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Do you have thyroid problems? Are you experiencing weight gain and can’t seem to lose it? Are you losing your hair? Are you always tired?

So many people out there are experiencing thyroid issues, which contributes to weight gain, hair loss, drops in energy, etc.

Along with rebalancing the thyroid, which contains T3, T4 and TSH to name a few hormones, we also need to rebalance the adrenals (your stress gland) because the thyroid gland is always associated with the adrenal glands as well.

We have an excellent thyroid protocol that can help your body rebalance its thyroid. For example, we had this one lady who had a mild issue with her thyroid. After just three sessions with us, she noticed an improvement in her energy.

PS Did you know that fluoride and chlorine and even wheat can interfere with proper thyroid function?

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