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We Are All Full Of Crap

We Are All Full Of Crap

Quote of the Month


C-carbonated drinks
R-refined sugars and carbs
A-artificial sweeeteners and colors
P-processed foods


F-fruits and vegetables
O-organic grass fed protein
O-omega 3 essential fats
D-drink water

Do you ever feel full of crap?

Do you know what we’re referring to?

It’s that feeling you get after indulging too much and too often in all the wrong food and drink.
In our house, it typically happens after any holiday, vacation or change of season.
In order to get ourselves back on track, we do various types of cleanses.
This year our 18yr old daughter joined us for her first 30-day detox (our son—no way!)

And just to clear things up, ‘cleansing’ is more like cleaning a house. It always needs to be done; otherwise the dust starts to build up. Just like the vacuum in 
your house. If the vacuum bag is full, the vacuum does NOT work well! And on our cleanses, we’re allowed to eat!
Whenever we decide to cleanse, 5 things happen:

  1. The skin clears up – no more zits
  2. Pooping improves – once a day isn’t enough
  3. Energy levels improve – yeah!
  4. Sleep gets better – no more daytime or early evening naps for your husband!
  5. Gas, bloating and other annoying symptoms disappear – eliminating common problematic foods that can trigger allergies and sensitivities reduces inflammation.
Now, if you’re new to cleansing you may feel a few other things for 2-3 days:

  1. You may still feel like crap
  2. You may be a little cranky
  3. You may feel like you’re getting the flu
This is known as a healing response.
All of this occurs because the body is addicted to the drugs known as processed foods, additives, chemicals, caffeine and sugar. The body isn’t happy that they’ve been taken away!
Here are 7 of cleanse basics:

  1. No sugar of any kind, read labels
  2. Lots of vegetables (can never have enough), limit fruit
  3. Avoid wheat and gluten (other than sourdough spelt bread, if you really need something); Quinoa and brown rice are okay
  4. No dairy – almond, coconut or other dairy free, unsweetened beverages are okay
  5. Antibiotic and hormone free meat – fish, chicken, turkey
  6. No potatoes, coffee, alcohol
Finally, here are 6 types of supplements we use to support the process:

  1. Probiotics
  2. Liver Support
  3. Colon Support
  4. Green tea/liquid chlorophyll
  5. Parasite and Candida (the bad yeast) support
  6. Digestive enzymes
So are you ready to start your cleanse? We’re here to help if you are!
Did You Know?

  • If you don’t eat sugar, you usually won’t get sick
  • If you garden, have pets or eat salad, you may have parasites!
  • If you have bladder or yeast infections or eczema you probably have some form of candida