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What’s In Your Mouth?

What’s In Your Mouth?

Quote of the Month
The issues are in the tissues    Dr. Robert Cass
What’s in your mouth…
Do you experience, nerve and muscle problems, skin issues, problems with your eyes, ears nose or throat, wheezing, thyroid problems?  Any ongoing headaches, neck and shoulder problems, lockjaw, tinnitus, sinus trouble or dizziness?
The symptoms above seem pretty common, and may pertain to any type of underlying issue, but for some of you, the root of these symptoms may be in your mouth.  Just think for a moment, do you have silver amalgam fillings, use fluoride toothpaste or have any root canals? Perhaps there are other areas of your body causing you some grief?
This may shed some light on the topic.  Did you know that each of your teeth map out to different organs and tissues within your body?  For example, your canines are related to your liver and gallbladder, and an issue with your eyes could be related to your canines as the liver is connected to the eyes. Similarly, bladder trouble could be related to what’s going on with your 2nd molar.
Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out which teeth are your weakest and why?  Wouldn’t it be even better to find out which filling compounds or anesthetics would work the best when you’re going in to have some work done on a cavity?  Well, we could do just that(non-invasively of course) just ask us!
On a lighter note, and in keeping with the theme of this month’s newsletter, how would you like a natural toothpaste recipe?
Natural Tooth Powder
½ cup baking soda
10 drops pure peppermint essential oil (this is not the same as peppermint extract or fragrance oil.  Also, it should be a high quality food grade essential oil, which is available from many health food stores)
5 drops pure myrrh essential oil (optional, also available in many health food stores)
Mix all ingredients in a small jar with a lid, cover, and shake well to disperse oils throughout. Use a small amount on a damp toothbrush the way you would use toothpaste.
The peppermint essential oil helps freshen breath, kill bacteria, and clear sinuses.  The myrrh oil is highly antibacterial and anti-fungal.  It is often used in the ancient healing arts of Ayurvedic Medicine.  The baking soda restores a natural, slightly alkaline pH balance to the teeth and gums and helps to whiten teeth.
Did You Know?

  • 80% of health issues start in the mouth!!
  • Teeth are living tissue!
  • 48-55% of silver amalgam fillings are Mercury!
  • WHO states that mercury from dental fillings exceeds the combined daily intake from air, water and food!
  • Check out this quick video about amalgam fillings called Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas
  • Fluoride is a waste product of the aluminum and fertilizer industry
  • Fluoride has always been listed as a lethal poison in the Merck Manual
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