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Which Chinese Element Are You?

Which Chinese Element Are You?

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Are You a Wood Person?

Wood is symbolic of life and renewal, when the wood element is weak a person may feel discouraged or depressed.
Wood relates to the liver and the gallbladder.
The liver is the major center for neutralizing environmental toxins and the primary organ for preparing nutrients for tranpsort into the blood-stream.
When the liver is over worked a person tends to feel tired and cranky. They may feel restless and unable to get to sleep, yet be tired and feel groggy in the morning.
Hypoglycemia, migraines, PMS symptoms, abdominal pain and skin conditions can all occur when the liver is burdened.
The gallbladder helps to digest fats, which are essential for healthy skin, nerves and glands.
People who are deficient in wood energy experience weakness in the liver and gallbladder, resulting in possible feelings of depression and discouragment.
Physically, when a person has a weakness in their gallbladder or liver it results in fatigue, anemia, abdominal pain, and chronic liver problems.

Are You a Fire Person?

A fire person is lively, outgoing, and enthusiastic. Fire relates to the heart and circulatory system.
Excess of fire refers to a highly stressed, high strung person. Such a person may experience anxiety, insomnia, extremes of emotions, nervousness, tension and light headedness.
When the fire is deficient you will feel “burned-out”. This can cause fatigue and disturbed sleep patterns. The person may feel tired, overwhelmed, mental confusion and sensations of pressure and pain in the chest that makes them feel like something is wrong with their heart.

Are You a Earth Person?

Earth symbolizes the nurturing mother energy, prone to worry, sympathetic and maybe over mother.
Earth people tend to neglect themselves and always put others first.
Earth energy is associated with our digestive system, the stomach and pancreas.
The stomach receives our food and initiates the digestive process. The pancreas secretes enzymes to finish the process.

Are You a Metal Person?

A metal person may have a lot of unacknowledged grief and sadness inside, so you shield yourself to avoid experiencing more emotional pain.
The chinese associate the metal element with the lungs and colon, but it may be more correct to say its associated with the mucous membranes.

Are You a Water Person?

A water person is flexible, and easy going. They are also timid, and fearful at times. This fear is thought to be harmful to the kidneys and bladder.
The kidneys do more than eliminate water and waste. They also regulate pH in the blood, maintain fluid, and mineral balance.
Weak kidneys create weak bones, this is because waste acids can’t be flushed efficiently from the body causing mineral loss from the bones.

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Did You Know?

1-2 tsp of organic cinnamon daily can help support your blood sugar levels.

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