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Do you have an issue with drinking wine? Does your face get flushed? Do you feel tipsy when you have just a little bit of wine? Does it give you an instant headache (besides the hungover type)? Wine, like beer, is a favourite among company. I feel sorry for anyone out there with a wine or beer sensitivity. Fear not! We can rebalance you for wine or beer but one thing that would help us is for you to bring in your favourite bottle of wine or beer for us to test you with and potentially for us to rebalance you from. There are so many wines out there that it wouldn’t hurt for you to bring in your favourite bottle.

For example, we had this one woman who complained to me of red wine. She said that she would get extremely flushed in the face no matter how little she drank. Well, after a session with us for wine, she doesn’t react that way anymore.

We had another person, a university student, who couldn’t even drink a single beer. She would become dizzy and could no longer function. We rebalanced her for many types of beer, and now she can at least have some with her friends without being teased.

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