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You Can’t Be Allergic to These!

Most people are aware that they can have allergies or sensitivities to any food, pollen, environmental or chemical substance.

But, have you ever considered whether some of the following could be allergies:

  1. Weather – we know that people are affected by changes in weather. For example, some people get headaches when a storm is coming. Others can’t sleep when it’s a full moon. Still others get aches and pains or even nausea when the barometer changes. Could you consider this to be an allergy?
  2. Motion Sickness – some people can’t get on a boat, sit in the back seat of a car or swing on a ‘swing’ or fly. Why is that, and could this also be considered an allergy?
  3. Vitamins/Minerals – You may be low in iron, so you take a supplement. Your levels with either improve or they don’t. If they don’t improve, why? Perhaps your taking a lousy supplement. Perhaps your digestion isn’t working as optimally as it should, so the chemical reactions required for absorption aren’t happening. Perhaps you’re body just isn’t recognizing iron!
  4. Pathogens (viral/bacterial/parasites/candida) – Has there ever been a time when you or someone you know has come down with ‘something’ that seems to take the body forever to recover from? If the body doesn’t recognize what that ‘virus’ or ‘pathogen’ is, it will have trouble addressing it, almost as if it doesn’t see it. If you really think outside the box on this one, maybe you’re reacting to your own ‘immune system’!
  5. Water – Know anyone who can’t tolerate water? Every time they have some, they get an upset stomach or a rash around their mouth. Some even react to their tears. Maybe it’s the chlorine or fluoride. But just maybe, the body has an issue with Hydrogen or Oxygen (the building blocks of water-H2O).
  6. Fructose – Sometimes people have issues with certain foods. Nothing makes sense and they can’t seem to isolate their symptoms or connect them to anything. Eventually, with the right medical tests and a lot of trial and error, they discover it’s fructose. It’s a common ingredient in many foods, including fruit itself.

These all may sound a little un-realistic and more like a lot of nonsense, but they’re true. I’ve had clients with each of these issues. There are many more like these as well and I hope I have helped you think differently about allergies.

If you need something a little more factual, here’s my science lesson…..

  • Atoms are made of protons, electrons and neutrons. As a matter of fact, nuclear power comes from splitting atoms!
  • Atoms, when combined, make molecules (such as H2O-water).
  • Molecules when combined, make cells, tissues, organs, us and all other living things.
  • Therefore, everything is made of ‘energy’. Energy doesn’t disappear, it only changes form. For example, water can change to ice or steam…think of Albert Einstein (E=mc²).
  • As a result, everything has it’s own energy fingerprint (electromagnetic signature if you will).
  • Our bodies will either recognize those signatures, or it won’t. If it does not, the body becomes stressed and responds in some way when exposed to that substance.

This is why, we can react to water, vitamins, minerals, fructose, pathogens and weather as they all have their own signature. Make sense? In fact, people can react or have a sensitivity to virtually anything.

If you any other odd sensitivity or allergy, I’d love to hear from you.


Quote of the Month
“People with food allergies give thanks after a meal”

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